• Image of Human Design Chart + Readings


If you're interested in having me do your Human Design chart for you and learning more about your specific type & all that goes with it, you will need to know your specific birth time, date & location.
Please purchase "initial HD chart + basic understanding - via email" from the drop down menu. You can put your info (name, email address, birth time/date/location) in the purchase notes OR email it to shannareiki22@gmail.com (or use the contact form on this site) with your order number.
You will receive an email (generally within 5-10 days) with a generated image of your personal Human Design chart along with a few paragraphs explaining the basics of what it means and pertains to, yours to keep/print/refer back to.

*You MUST purchase the initial HD chart option before purchasing the chart analysis option.

The HD chart analysis will be a 30 min session via Skype/FaceTime. It is meant to be a follow up session for those interested in diving deeper into their charts. These sessions require research on my end prior to the session for many specific things that go into your chart. We will be able to go over anything that you may have questions on from the initial email explaining your chart as well as some of the more detailed aspects of your chart. Depending on how far you want to go into your understanding, we may need to do more than 1 of these sessions. Since this is still a new service for me to offer, those wanting to have second, third, etc of these follow up Skype sessions about their HD chart will be able to bundle/get further sessions at discounted rates which we can discuss after the first follow up.
Please email shannareiki22@gmail.com after purchase with your available days/times so that we can book your HD chart analysis Skype session.