Teuf (pronounced toof) is a lifestyle brand owned by myself, Shanna Lee, founded in PA at the start of 2016 in honour of my mother - Terri Lee (Teufel) McGlynn. I began the early stages of this brand during the last few months of her life and was able to tell her some of the ideas I had for it before she passed. I dedicate this brand to her and her life, as she is my main source of inspiration, hoping to spread a little of her light to all who choose to support Teuf. 

Creating is something I love and Teuf is an avenue in which I can create not only for others, but for myself! In looking for screen printing products and ink, it was essential to me that they be vegan and eco friendly. I create all the designs myself, typically hand drawn. I burn the images onto screens personally, and hand print them one by one in my home with an enormous amount of love in Richmond, VA. All of the clothing items are printed/embroidered on sweatshop free garments & everything I make will always be vegan friendly. Because everything is made by hand, minor differences between items will occur, making them unique! 

Each order (with the exception of sticker-only orders) will come with a natural crystal that is chosen and infused with reiki by me for you free of charge. For the past few years, Teuf has been sourcing crystals pretty exclusively from Magic Miners (@magicminers)/Third Eye Co. (@thirdeyecompany). They are a fellow small business & mine the crystals themselves directly from the Earth with care & respect. 

I sincerely appreciate everyone who makes a purchase, posts a photo, writes kind words, and supports my brand in any way. When you buy from Teuf you have the assurance that you are supporting a mother, a family, someone real and relatable. 

A portion of each purchase gets donated to varying charities/causes/people (approx. 10% or more ). Some past charities that donations were made to were: International Animal Rescue, Aardvark Animal Rescue, the Sacred Stone Camp's legal defense fund for their peaceful protest of the DAPL in Standing Rock, Planned Parenthood, Overcoming MS, Rancho Relaxo, Minnesota Freedom Fund, Black Trans Travel Fund, RVA Bail Fund, Richmond Mutual Aid, Free Lunch RVA. Teuf encourages you to look into these organizations & consider making a donation personally as well! Announcements of which charity your purchase is currently helping are always made on our instagram @_teuf, along with shop updates, behind the scene peeks, and insight on shipping & order status. We also invite you to join us as monthly Patreon supporters for our city of Richmond’s Mutual Aid! When community comes together and learns it can depend and support one another, we are able to see true progress & take back our power. Join here: https://www.patreon.com/m/4574318/posts

I do not offer refunds or returns. If you need to exchange an item please message me before it is worn or washed, I will do my best to work with you! But please be advised, because of the small handmade nature of my shop I encourage you to ask any questions (size, fit, etc) beforehand. You will be responsible for shipping the item back if an exchange is agreed upon. 

I am a one woman show and not only hand print, embroider and handle each order myself, but also fulfill all the packaging and shipping single handedly from my door to yours. I thank you immensely for your support!   

RIP Mom, 10/31/58 - 2/16/16